The supper conjure-upper


If you’d like to make an enquiry,
whether it’s about grabbing some images,
tasting some pancakes, or learning all
about my yummy recipes, get in touch
with the lovely Amanda Moorhouse
at MPR Communications.

07974 197 909

I’m in the press!

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“Love pancakes but don’t have the energy to rustle up a batch of batter after a long day at work? Wish you could magic some on to your plate? ABRACADEBORA! No, seriously. Abra-ca-Debora is a new Dutch brand of ready-to-eat pancakes – thicker than a crepe but thinner than a drop scone – available in sweet and savoury flavours and just waiting for you to pile with cheese, sugar and lemon, chocolate and banana or ham and mushrooms and pop in the microwave. The simplest supper with the scrummiest results.”

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