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Debora’s Guide to Pancake Day

Heavens to Betsy, Pancake Day is my favourite time of year, dear. It’s my birthday and even better, we get to eat even more yummy pancakes than usual!

My favourite day of the year!

It’s a very old celebration — no not my birthday, cheeky — Pancake Day. Depending on where you live, you might know it as Pancake Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday. It all began when people had to use up the main foods available in preparation for Lent and pancakes were the best way to do it!

Did you know?

Not everyone eats pancakes on Pancake Day. On the island of Madeira, they eat malasadas on Terça-feira Gorda (Fat Tuesday in English); malasadas are a bit like doughnuts. In Iceland, the day’s known as Sprengidagur (Bursting Day) and people eat salted meat and peas.

How to spend yours…

Pancake Day brings people together for fun and pancakes with all sorts of yummy toppings — it’s like I always say, a little of what you fancy does you good! How are you celebrating yours? I recommend inviting your friends over and having a pancake-flipping contest, or why not have a race to see who can eat the most pancakes?

Top it all off!

Remember, you’ll need lots of tasty toppings. I know you Brits like lemon and sugar, but why not be a bit different with some yummilicious chocolate and nuts? Or what about a pancake smothered in golden syrup? Mmmmm, naughty but nice. Personally, I love apple and cinnamon on mine, but then I am Dutch. For more ideas, take a look at my recipes.

Want more ideas?

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