The supper conjure-upper


If you’d like to make an enquiry,
whether it’s about grabbing some images,
tasting some pancakes, or learning all
about my yummy recipes, get in touch
with the lovely Amanda Moorhouse
at MPR Communications.

07974 197 909

I’m in the press!

“The arrival of ready-made Dutch pancakes by Abra-Ca-Debora is a timely one. Store them in the fridge and simply reheat for breakfast, lunch or tea. Or serve with sprinklings of… read more >

Homes & Gardens

“In the Netherlands we eat pancakes on many occasions — for breakfast, main meals, or dessert and with different toppings, savoury and sweet. One of my favourites is roasted plums… read more >

Sainsbury’s Magazine

“What’s in your fridge? Chop leftovers, then heat and fill these for a quick lunch or tea. In Original (savoury) and Sweet varieties, they’re perfect for pud, too!”